In Shatila, a densely-packed Palestinian camp in Lebanon's capital of Beirut, options are limited. Trapped by poverty, politics and history, youngsters all too often have little to hope for.
For some, amid the daily frustrations of life there is an outlet - football.
As a Palestinian living in Lebanon, team coach Majdi Adam faces restricted employment opportunities. However, in promoting sports in Shatila - he set up the team - he feels he can offer others an opportunity to grow.
Majdi's squad regularly plays other teams from Beirut but must head outside of Shatila for a 11-a-side pitch.
The hunt for funding continues for the team, which relies on week-by-week support.
Players abandon a match before half time as the pitch becomes unplayable.
The camp, first set up in 1949, and has grown into a suburb - albeit a deeply deprived one. An influx of refugees into the camp since the beginning of the Syrian war  has pushed up the cost of living.
Majdi’s home acts a storage for the various sports equipment and a meeting point for the young players. As a Palestinian in Lebanon he is prevented from working in a range of careers and struggles to make ends meet.